Bulk scrap carriers


The GCH vehicle line has been designed with the scrap transport industry in mind. We have two options : GCH whole-aluminium: suitable for fragmented bulk scrap transport. It is an option of whole aluminium, strengthened and low weight vehicles, having an optimum flexibility and being able to transport low density loads as well. Their size ranges from 11.500m to up to 12.500m and are available in several volume configurations. GCH TD-AL/FE line: specially designed for bulk scrap transport, steel rods, cable reels, etc. This vehicle is built on a steel casing mounted over a aluminium chassis, fitted with two lower straight cylinders, and able to reach a tare of 7.300 Kg. on a complete semitrailer setup. Sizes from 11.500, 12.500and 13.500 mm, available in several volumes. “INNOVATION IN TRANPORT”


Download GCH technical sheet Download GCH TD AL FE technical sheet