About us

Granalu, quienes somos

GRANALU was founded in march 1997 attending to meet their founders ideas, convinced to use aluminium as a manufacturing material in trailers, swing platforms and mobile floor manufacturing. We are a young company with highly skilled personal in robotics, automatisms, welding processes, plasma and water cut equipment, warehouse and commercial logistics, control and quality control in all the processes. Our technical office has the equipment to calculate, design and continuosly innovate our manufacturing processes. Our commercial department is composed of highly technical and commercial professionals specialized in consulting.


Our advantages

  • A wide selection of products where you can find the solution for your needs
  • Fast and adapted delivery rates
  • Lightweight, sturdy and reliable vehicles to help you make your company profitable.
  • Versatile and personalized post-sales support
  • A nearby distribution network

It is our duty to cather all present and future carrier industry needs. To do so, we use direct marketing that helps us to have a reciprocal information channel to keep us at the forefront. The search for client loyalty and synergy confluence is our prime goal, carried through with a global service spirit.

Sales network

Besides operating in the Spanish territory, and due to our manufacturing capacity, we are able to reach foreign markets like France, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom and Poland

Our facilities

Granalu has its factory on Sanchonuño with an industrial surface of 10.000 m2, and a production power of 800 units/year. Our factory has:

  • Robotic welding
  • Automated welding
  • Waterjet cutters
  • Plasma cutters
  • CNC drilling and milling machines and assembly work surfaces
  • Painting cabins

All of our manufacturing process are certified by UCA, having a production approval certificate.


Photos of our facilities

Company video

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